Casal da Fonte | Castas
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Casal da Fonte


Also known as Preto Mortágua and Azal Espanhol, is considered the noblest of Portugal, having your growing area was extended to countries like United States and Australia.

With small bunches and berries rounded black-blue colour, elegant, it produces intense wines, with fine and structued tannins. Has a rare ability to extended stage, providing great longevity to wines.


Originally known as Touriga Francesa, is a variety of excellent quality, which has lived in the shadow of the Touriga Nacional, but finally its oenological value is being recognized.

Produces strongly structured wines which are elegant, complex and solid with fine floral aromas. The tannin structure is velvety, but firm. With the potential for a prolonged stage, no wonder the Touriga Franca is one of the Favorites.


This is a variety recognized both in Portugal under two aliases, Aragonês and Tinta Roriz, as Spanish producers where is known as Tempranillo.

It is mentioned by Herrera in 1513, being that its first description, in Portugal, dating from 1822.

Produces rich wines, alive and robust, with an aromatic profile of mature red fruits and spices. Widely used in batch wines, has great potential, when early picked, for the production of rosé wines.


Also known as Tinta Amarela, but regionally as Castiço, Trincadeira produces great wines with excellent acidity, soft tannins and abundant aromas, as well as intense black plum and blackberry jam, resulting in elegant and well balanced wines with a nice texture and a soft floral note.

Is a difficult variety cultivation, extremely sensitive in locations with any moisture, but with favorable conditions, produces great wines.


Caste of French origin, in Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon is considered the queen of red grapes, being one of the most widespread in the world.

With a late ripening of the grapes, produces wines very red, firm tannins, some acidity, easily recognized by its aroma of cassis, spices and green peppers.

Have a high potential for extended stage, being often aged in oak.


Syrah (French) or Shiraz (English) is a red grape variety from the Vitis vinifera family, widely used in wine production. Nowadays it is grown in countries like France, Portugal, Australia, United States, Argentina and Chile.

In northern Rhône, France, all red wines come from this grape variety.


Alicante Bouschet is a red grape variety of the vitis vinifera family resulting from the crossing of the Grenache and Petit Bouschet grapes.

Alicante Bouschet is of French origin (Languedoc), created by Henry Bouschet, between 1865 and 1885, from the crossing of the mentioned grapes. It is currently cultivated mostly in Portugal, and is therefore considered a Portuguese grape variety. Widely used in assemblage processes to improve color input in some reds.


Also known as Maria Gomes, is one of the white varieties more produced in Portugal, due to quality wine that these grapes origin.

It results in fruity wines, with floral notes pleasant to the taste and good alcohol content. Although it has low acidity, it presents a good structure and complexity, characteristics which provide good wine stages.

Being a very versatile variety, allows us to produce different wines from sparkling wines or, when harvested in late crops, sweet wines.


Arinto, also known as Pederna, Pé de Perdiz Branco, Chapeludo, Cerceal, Espanhol Azal, Galego Azal and Espanhol Branco, is one of the oldest native varieties of Portugal.

It offers vibrant wines with lively acidity, refreshing and with a strong mineral penance. It is often used in the production of batch wines and sparkling wine.

With an excellent ageing potential, its wines can be appreciated for long decades. The aroma is relatively discreet, with notes of green apple and lemon, with a velvety touch.